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Taking Screenshots in a Mac

May be the title itself seems silly for the most of MAC users why I’m sharing this. Actually it’s especially for the new mac users those who don’t know how to do this kind of stuff.

I was curious about how to take screenshots in MAC. I was a windows user for more than 18 years and I used Linux for 4 years for developing web applications. My transition from windows env. to Mac was during 2019 and I learned a lot during this transition period. Once I changed to Mac obviously I was like a snail for finding a way to do stuff with shortcuts.

Recently, I found a way to take screenshots on a mac and it was just awesome on Mac OS how they give the user provision to take the screenshots.

Here is the official documentation for the screenshots section. I hope it’s helpful for the mac noobs! like me 🙂

Here are the common shortcuts for a mac too.

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